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Rosarito Beach Real Estate:


Few areas anywhere in the world offer the beauty and value of the western coast of Baja Norte. And Rosarito Beach is the crown jewel of what has become known as Baja California‘s Gold Coast. Rosarito Beach real estate is at the heart 60 miles of beautiful Pacific Ocean frontage from Tijuana to Ensenada.

And, Rosarito Beach real estate is booming.

Just a scenic 20 mile drive south of the U.S.-Mexico border (or 35 miles from San Diego‘s airport), Rosarito Beach is rich in fine restaurants, art and culture, nightlife, shopping, natural beauty and outdoor activities from fishing to surfing.

It is a place where Mexican history and culture blend with the latest trends, where the old and new California meet. It‘s what makes Rosarito Beach real estate especially attractive.

It is easy to see why Baja California is experiencing a building boom. It is fueled by people from the U.S. seeking a second or vacation home and the soon-to-be retiring Baby Boomers. People from warmer parts of Mexico have also been drawn to its near-perfect Mediterranean-like climate and Rosarito residents now include 14,000 international expatriates, most of whom are American.

They are primarily attracted to Rosarito Beach real estate by prices that are a fraction of those is the U.S., available financing and the security of title insurance to protect their investment.

Even though there are more than 50 condominium and home developments currently underway along the Gold Coast, the Rosarito Beach Condo-Hotel, part of the legendary Rosarito Beach Hotel, is the first and one of the few condo-hotels being built on the Gold Coast. It is one of the true landmarks of Rosarito Beach real estate.

The condo-hotel concept provides for worry-free vacation home ownership with the potential for a monthly income stream and it‘s one of the big reasons the Rosarito Beach Condo-Hotel is selling fast. People just want to own a piece of the Legend.


Rosarito Beach Real Estate