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Residences: The Rosarito Experience


Baja California is the tourist paradise of North America, having the most-crossed international border in the entire world. It is the home of mariachi bands, poets, and bullfighters. It is a unique opportunity to vacation in a foreign country but with the convenience of a short drive. If you live in Southern California then it doesn‘t get easier. Only 30 miles from downtown San Diego, you can be in a different world in a matter of minutes. Families can explore new locations and experience a different culture while couples can rediscover their love for one another in the beautifully romantic setting of Baja. The majestic sunsets are breathtaking, the food delicious and the night life exciting.


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Welcome to one of Baja‘s most famous landmarks, the legendary Rosarito Beach Hotel Since it first opened its doors in 1925, millions of visitors as well as movie stars...

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